Take your videos to the next level

A good video helps you to make a personal connection with your audience, it builds trust and leads to more dedicated customers. 

But making a good video takes time, technical skills and creativity. 

So let me help you with that. Don’t miss out on the great opportunities that video has to offer. Start by scheduling a free half hour video consultation with me. Let’s explore how video can help you and your organization grow.


Journalistic approach

Let me help you explore what great stories can be found within your organisation. Coming from a journalistic background, this is my second nature. My clients tell me that this is what really makes my videoservice unique. 

Real people tell real stories. So no need to wait for Netflix or HBO to discover you. Let’s take it into our own hands and make engaging and inspiring videos and show the world your story.

On-camera coaching

All my clients, from small business owners to large companies, felt a bit nervous being in front of the camera for the first time. But don’t worry, so was I. Working as a newsreporter for almost ten years, I have been on the other side, I know what it’s like.

Let me coach you, so you feel confident and comfortable. And at the end of the day, you will find that you will love making videos as much as I do! 

Small crew, affordable videos

I don’t believe in large production teams  and big camera crews but prefer a smaller and more intimate approach. This helps to create a comfortable atmosphere for the recording, which leads to your best performance. Plus, it saves you a lot of money. 

So let’s keep it simple if that is possible and team up only if it is necessary.

Personal service

From the first video consultation, to the creating of your storyboard, from the scriptwriting to the recording, even the editing. I own the process from A to Z. That is convenient for you, because there is no need to discuss your video needs and dreams with a lot of different people. We are in this together and I will make  sure it will be a journey to remember!


engage and inspire

I believe that real people tell real stories. These stories, when told in the right way, can engage and inspire other people. And with video you can not only tell but also show people your story and really make them feel the passion that you take to your company every day.

There are many different types of video formats: branding videos, documentaries, testimonials, videos that can be used for online courses, tutorials and so on. What video best suits your video need is something we can decide during our free half hour video consultation.

Free download

I have made so many videos for different companies, so I know what works.

Download my free list with the top-3 video formats that will work for your organization as well!


Step 1: pre-production
Our first step is that we sit down and prepare our journey together. Let’s explore your passion, formulate your story, think about the goal of your video and start the creative process. I will transform these ideas into your personal and professional video plan.

From here we can start planning what will be necessary to start recording your video.
Step 2: production

Now it is time to have fun! I will personally guide you through the recording phase. We will shoot interviews or I can help you present yourself in front of the camera. I will make sure you feel comfortable and look confident.

We will shoot a lot of extra footage to make sure we not only tell, but also show your story. 

Today your story starts to come to life.

Step 3: post-production

I love this part! In this phase we will organise, plan and edit the actual video. When text, visuals, audio and music come together in the right way, something magical happens.

We will do a viewing of the video and you will get a chance to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We will do some last changes to make sure your video fits your needs.

Step 4: Share

During our journey you have grown into a video expert. Now you are ready to share your story with the world and grow your business.


storytelling with your smartphone

With your smartphone in your pocket you have an excellent camera  that you can take with you everywhere you go. But making a great video takes more then a great camera. I can help you to make better videos with just your phone. 

Book an in-company training and learn how to make business vlogs or regular video business updates.

Or book a one-on-one session where I will guide you through the process of recording better smartphone videos.

Free download

Can’t wait to get started? Here is some free advice from me on easy-to-use tools that immediately will improve your smartphone videos.


Personal and affordable

One of the big advantages of working with me, is that I can help you with the whole video development proces. No need for large video-production teams and  big camera crews. That makes working with me personal and affordable. The costs of your video will depend on a few variables:

  • preparation and travelling
  • recording days
  • shooting locations
  • hours/days of editing
  • extra’s: subtitling, drone-footage etc.

Need more than video?

We can keep it simple if you like, but scale up if that is what you need. Because I have an extensive network of creative entrepreneurs, I can  team up with:  

  • photographers
  • designers
  • marketing experts
  • media strategists
  • web-developers
  • social media specialists
  • business coaches

Why my clients work with me


For as long as I can remember, I was a curious girl. I always wanted to explore and learn new things. After graduating my Journalism Studies Cum Laude, I got myself a decent job. But after working as a news reporter for over 8 years I felt it was time for a change.

Time for a change

I picked up my laptop, borrowed my sister’s camera and took the plunge. I moved from the flat Netherlands to the mountains and lakes of beautiful Switzerland. Now I have my own video company. I get to learn about new people, new places and tell new stories every day. I enjoy the freedom to travel and work from the most beautiful spots.

Now, let me help you to explore your story.

My parents probably never foresaw my international career. They gave me this unique but unpronouncable Dutch name. So let me save you the trouble – you can just call me S.



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